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Video Call Santa with Your Kids

I still absolutely LOVE Christmas, but I remember the overwhelming joy of Christmas as a kid. I remember writing letters to Santa to tell him I had been a good boy, and to tell him what I’d like for Christmas. Had I been able to speak to Santa directly I can only imagine how much more magical Christmas would have felt. But now kids can with an App!

Video Call Santa App

On Sunday I downloaded a brilliant yet simple App called Video Call Santa on my iPhone, although it’s also available on Android, and I used it with my daughter, Poppy. She absolutely loved it and I could clearly see that it was a very magical moment for her. She told Santa her name, said she’d been a good girl, and told him she wanted a Unicorn for Christmas.

Upon loading the App, you’re presented with a screen with two buttons – Call Santa, where the magic happens, and Parents Only where you can manage settings and personalise the call.

The coolest thing about the App is that it records and stores all of the video calls to Santa so that you can watch them later on and pass them along to friends and family. I sent my daughters to her mother, which she enjoyed and appreciated. Videos are stored in Parents Only.

Anyway, if you have kids, I highly recommend that you give this App a try. They’ll love it, and you’ll get a buzz seeing them so happy and experiencing a moment of Christmas magic.

Get it from Apple here and Android here. Or search for ‘Video Call Santa’ on your App store.

Here’s a picture from my video with Poppy. That’s how they look!

Leave a comment below if you give it a go. Enjoy!

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