Helicopter Game – Can You Beat My Score?

Oh yes, the infamous helicopter game which has stood the test of time and is still just as addictive as the day it first surfaced on the internet many years ago. Come to think of it, the meteoric rise and popularity of Flappy Bird probably has something to do with the helicopter game. It’s basically the same game with a different skin, wouldn’t you say?

I’ve just spent a little bit of my morning playing the helicopter game and thought I’d put it on my blog to see if you guys can beat my score. It’s not an impressive score, by the time I hit it I was shouting “you fucking cunt” and wanted to launch my laptop out the window. AHHHHHH!

Play the Helicopter Game

My distance / score to beat is only 780 so shouldn’t be too hard to beat!

Post your own score in the comments section below.

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