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Foods I Love Ramming Into My Face

I’ve always been a greedy so-and-so. Fuck it, a greedy bastard is what I am. Like, if I didn’t exercise I’d be one of two things – 30 stone, or 40 stone. I would have said 20 stone, but I’ve already been there (I’ll cover that soon). These days I spend over 5 hours a week exercising just to get away with ramming shit into my face. It’s totally worth it, however.

Here’s just one example of my greedy behaviour from the past…

One night I was feeling hungry. So hungry, in fact, that I decided to suggest an eating competition to my friend just as an excuse to get more food and validate eating it all. We got 12 double cheeseburgers and 6 big macs from McDonald’s and went for it like oversized tanks.

If someone were to ask me what I preferred out of sex and food, I’d genuinely have to stop and think about it for a few minutes. Or hours. Maybe even days. It’s a serious problem.

ANYWAY, here are some of the foods that I enjoy ramming into my face.

Beans on Toast

Oh yes, the wonderful British staple that is beans on toast. This is the one thing that I could genuinely, actually live on forever. No problem at all.

Has to be made with Heinz beans, though.

I have 4 slices of toast, cut them into little squares like a child and pour the beans over the top. I use their classic beans, beans with sausages, or barbecue beans. Usually with Cheese. It’s so perfect.



This is one of the food loves that Laura and I have in common. We both eat way too much Cheesecake, but it’s Cheesecake, so it’s acceptable. Right?

You can’t go wrong with classic New York Cheesecake, but my current favourites are actually ASDA’s own-brand Cheesecakes. They do a tasty Cookie Dough flavour as well as a lush Salted Caramel one, and I can’t get enough of either right now. Being honest, though, I’ll take any flavour I can get. Yummy!



Nope, this won’t be the one that brings health and nutrition to the table. That’s for another life.

I LOVE McDonald’s. I don’t care if there are toenails, ass hairs and snot bubbles in their food because it just tastes so good and I’ll always  enjoy it.

The Big Mac is my all-time favourite thing on their menu, without doubt, but I also really enjoy their Double Cheeseburgers and Chicken Nuggets.



None of that soppy Veggie bullshit Laura eats. Give me Pepperoni, Tandoori Chicken, Ham or Beef and plenty of Jalapeños with a crust stuffed with Cheese from Domino’s and I’m good. That’s perfection.

Domino’s ain’t the only Pizza I’ll eat, though, I really enjoy the freshly made ones from ASDA. Their American Sizzler Pizza is wonderful.

I made Pizza using Crumpets as a kid. Fun fact.


As you can see from this post I’m not even close to being a healthy individual. I exercise a lot, but the simple fact of the matter is, I LOVE shit food. However, I do go through phases of eating good food like steamed Salmon with Veggies when I’m doing a lot of Cycling.

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